Wherein I Forgive Myself

Today as I was pondering on my mode of operation during the years I struggled with depression and anxiety, the thought came to me that I needed to do another writing.  I was really contemplating what I can now see, years later.  I had a belief that I should wait for my husband to ask me about my day or what I was learning in the college classes I was taking; I believed that I should not just volunteer the information.  And so I kept quiet and just went about life.

This one belief has created more difficulty for me than I dare realize most of the time!  And while I am much better at volunteering what is going on in my world, especially with my husband, there are still times when I let the old programming win and I end up frustrated and angry.

So today when it became very clear that it is time to clear out some more cobwebs, I sat down to do just that.  And the first words on my paper were:  “I forgive myself for…”  I did not anticipate this at all!  What it tells me is that this one belief is now ready to really be done.  My mind is really ready to reprogram itself.  I have done so much other work with beliefs and ideas connected to this that it is now time to really put it behind me.  And forgiving myself is the last step.

If you were to forgive yourself for a belief that isn’t serving you, what would it be?  Just think on it.  It matters!

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