When a person is fighting mental illness, it is easy to believe that the illness defines who they are.  It is easy to believe that the label attached to the mental illness–depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, OCD–is who they really are.

The truth is, the person with the mental illness is, AT THEIR CORE, far from the labels attached to the illness.

This video beautifully illustrates my point.  I am NOT saying that all mental illness is incorrectly diagnosed.  Instead, I AM asking you to consider this:

At my very best, who am I?  If I was not struggling with depression or anxiety or any other mental illness, who am I?  Even if I am struggling, who am I really? Who do I want to be?

I invite you to take 60 seconds and write down words that come to your mind.  Then post them on your bathroom mirror or by your bed and read them every day.  Here is my list:

We made this a family effort too!

DEFINE the real you.  It matters!

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