What IF? A KEY…

Key Solution…writing a new story.

March 2010

I feel pretty “level” right now.  A new thought is emerging…I wonder if there is something that I am not looking at.  I wonder if there is a root cause to the depression monster.  I wonder if the anti-depressant is just a bandaid.  I wonder if there is something more.  Could I really find an answer and not have to have depression the rest of my life?  Really?  Is it possible?  I wonder…

May 2010

For some reason, I feel empowered to talk to my doctor and see what he would think about me going off of anti-depressants.  I really do want to see if the thoughts I have been having have any merit–do I really have to have depression the rest of my mortal life?  Is it possible that I can overcome it while I still have a long life ahead of me?

I’ve had these beliefs for so long now: “It’s just my test.  It’s God’s will.  I just need to accept this as God’s will.  This is a chemical imbalance and pills are the only thing that can and will level me out.”  But…I wonder…Are these beliefs really true?

I’ve decided to find out.  If, at the end of my searching I need to remain on anti-depressants, I will.  The alternative is much worse than the side effects of the anti-depressants.  

Thus began what I now know as writing a new story.  Francesca Battistelli sings it well.

If you did not struggle with depression or anxiety, what would your life look like, feel like, and how would you act?  Write it down.  Write a new story. It matters!

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