What do YOU believe about mental health?

Here is some food for thought from Dr. Kelly Brogan that validates countless personal experiences and those of my clients:

“Mental health will always be grounded in whole body health.  When you discover the real imbalances underlying all your symptoms–physical and mental–and take steps to address them, you can restore your health without resorting to problematic drug treatments and endless psychotherapy.” (p 67)

“We must reject the serotonin meme and start looking at depression (and anxiety, and bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, and OCD) for what they are: disparate expressions of a body struggling to adapt to a stressor.  There are times in our evolution as a cultural species that we need to unlearn what we know and change what we think is true.” (p 66)

Are you ready to change what you think is true regarding mental health?

It matters!

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