The Top 10 Myths to Mental Illness

I think it’s time to post this great article on mental illness.  There are so many ideas about what mental illness is and is not.  Some say it is genetic and so nothing can be done about it.  Some say a person should just “think happy thoughts and pull themselves up by the bootstraps.”  Some say the only way to “fix” it is through medication.

My own experience has taught me that depression and other mental disorders can best be explained through the bio-psycho-social model that Dr. John Grohol speaks about in this article in the World of Psychology

My intention is for you, the reader, to either 1) gain a broader knowledge of mental illness; or 2) be introduced to myths surrounding it; or 3) give yourself permission to acknowledge that you are not alone and that there are answers that can lead you to healing.

You are not alone!  The plague of mental illness is everywhere.  Almost every day I hear people say things like, “There are so many people who are struggling with this–in our neighborhood!”  or “Why are there so many suicides?”

It matters that you know that others are also struggling and that some of those who have struggled have found healing.:)  Hold on!

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