Resources to a Healthier YOU–MMF and Q96 BRAIN KEY

I have discussed gut health before and how it is connected to what is happening inside our heads. The first leg of my journey to overcoming depression were really good supplements that my doctor recommended.

I have become acquainted with two different supplements that I can highly recommend.  Look into them.  Try them out.

The first is called MMF–Military Micronutrient Formula.  Extensive research and human trials have demonstrated that it helps the body to protect itself against toxins, traumatic injuries, inflammation, illness, and oxidative stress.  I am currently using this supplement, replacing the daily supplement that I had been using for years.

Because of its vital micronutrients, it is a great all-around supplement for anyone (2 capsules in the a.m.; 2 capsules in the p.m.)   Click here to learn about micronutrients and here about the science of the product.

If you would like a 2-week sample, contact me at

The second is called Q96.  It was developed by a gentleman whose wife committed suicide 20 years ago…and then two of their ten children were exhibiting some of the same symptoms.  It is specifically formulated to help with brain health.

There are two different places to go for this product:

TrueHope (click for more info):  EmplowerPlus is $69,95/month and offers free support.  They have trained clinicians who help clients use the supplement with current medications.  The number for support is 1-888-878-3467.

Q96 Sciences:  This is the same product as EmpowerPlus.  TrueHope and Q96 come from the same company.  Q96 Science offers the ability to become an independent business developer.  The price is $50/month if you become a preferred member–which means you just sign up to have a monthly shipment.  The same support is offered as at TrueHope.  It is $34.95/month.  The number for support is 1-866-397-3116.  Click here for more information.

If you would like a 2-week sample, contact me at

I really like the resources that are available to learn about the product on the TrueHope website.  There is SO much scientific research backing up this product.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of proper nutrition in unlocking depression and any other mental illness.  Our foods at large do not have the nutrients our bodies need.  Our soils have been depleted, the chemical overload is astounding (how many chemicals do you use every day–body sprays, gels, hair products, deodorant, cleaning supplies, etc…), and the traditional American diet is loaded with man-made ingredients.  My experience has shown me that balancing the gut, hormones, and vitamin intake is essential to unlocking brain health.

It matters!

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