Reality Check…MIND Key

The reality is that you are either fighting or enduring depression and/or anxiety.  It’s real.

I remember being in this reality.  And I remember believing it was just how things were going to be.  As I’ve mentioned before, I believed my “job” was to endure it as best as I could.

The limit to this belief was that, had I continued with it, I would today most likely be so far into the hole of despair and despondency that “rational” or “real” thinking would have fled.  I shudder to think what my reality might be today had I remained in the mindset that there was nothing I could do about the depression.  It hit me the other day that it is entirely possible that I would have had to be admitted to the psych ward.

You have a choice.  You can believe that your depression and/or anxiety is something that you must just endure–and become a victim in the process.  The victim excuses their rotten behavior and way of being because, “it’s a result of the depression…I can’t change it…it is what it is…”

OR, you can use your reality of depression and/or anxiety to empower yourself.  You can choose to look at your reality with a lens of, “I will find help to overcome this illness.  I choose to accept responsibility for my actions and to move out of mediocrity and live a life of greatness.”

The choice is yours.  Reality and empowerment.  These choices have made all the difference for me.  Will they for you?

It matters!

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