Marriage Under Fire! For Those Who Care for those Struggling…

I believe that one of the toughest challenges with depression and anxiety can come to the spouses of those who are suffering.  Sometimes it just becomes too much.  I’ve heard it referred to as “caretaker fatigue.”  And rightly so.  Countless marriages continue to be challenged because one spouse is dealing with emotional difficulties that often do not make sense to the “normal” spouse.

In my own marriage there were two things that pulled us through…a deep commitment to one another and a deep commitment to God.  I doubted my doubts before I doubted my faith.

You may not think you have any faith.  You may not believe in a Higher Power.  If you are the “normal” spouse, you may be ready to throw in the towel, to call it quits.  Please don’t.  Your spouse needs you.  He or she needs you to believe in them–in who they are at their very best.

I invite you to see your spouse for who they really are–beneath the depression, the anxiety–You can’t change them and how they react to this illness, but you CAN change YOU and how YOU react.

Hold fast to KINDNESS (click to listen).  It matters!

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