Major Causes of Depression Part 2 – Unlocking Depression

I am reading a new book, Medical Medium, that beautifully and accurately identifies the major causes of depression.  Today I will discuss the second reason this book outlines:  traumatic stress.

Traumatic Stress:  Severe and sustained stress can create a burnout effect.  Some examples would be months and months of unemployment, a lawsuit, a major illness…sometimes smaller stressors can also fit into this category.  Every person is different.  Your reaction to learning you have a flat tire on your way out of town may be very different than your neighbor’s.

Our responses to life’s challenges–big and small–trigger the flight-or-fight response that I discuss here.  The adrenal glands flood our bodies with adrenaline.  If we don’t know how to quiet this response, damage can eventually happen that can lead to major depression.  “The adrenaline becomes a trigger that breaks down neurotransmitters and lowers melatonin production, setting you up for feeling lost at sea in a depressive fog.”  (P. 186)

How to combat?  Adrenal dysfunction can be the result of this type of stress.  Chapter 8 of this book outlines how to heal damaged adrenal glands.

I also invite you to read how to quiet your fight-or-flight response.  It will be a step in the right direction!

It matters!  And it works!

(The provided outlines of physical causes to depression comes from Medical Medium by Anthony William.  I use it because my personal experience in researching and personally overcoming root causes to depression has taught me these truths—just on a different level.  Mr. William’s work is the next step in understanding what is physically behind depression and what to do about it from a physical level.  I offer clients the understanding of how the physical and emotional components combine in creating depression and anxiety.  I guide clients to the resources to find the physical healing and then coach them on how to find emotional freedom using tools to master belief processes.)

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