It Bears Repeating…Part 1 MIND Key

I have talked about his before.  It is such a powerful tool, however, that I repeat it today.

There is inevitably something hiding inside of you.  A voice that only you hear.  Frustration that only you feel.  Anger known only to you.

Thanksgiving is two days away.  The 3 minutes you spend doing this right now will bring a blessing to you…and to those who love you.

Take a piece of paper and a pen and write.  “I feel angry because…I feel frustrated because…I hate this because….”  and WRITE!  Fill the page.  Don’t worry about your spelling or how it looks.  Just GET IT OUT!  And then rip it into tiny pieces and throw it away.

Why does this work?  Because we are beings designed by God to express.  And when we don’t, we slow our progress down.  And we get sick…emotionally and physically.

It happened to me this morning.  I was extremely frustrated by a situation.  I knew that I needed to honor the person involved and myself by speaking.  And I know to not vomit all over them with high emotions.  And so I pulled out a piece of paper and began writing.  I got the negative out.  And then two hours later I was ready to have a crucial conversation with a heart at peace.  And it went beautifully.

Try it.  It works!  Honor yourself this Thanksgiving and tune in tomorrow for part 2 of this key!

It matters!

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