I Have Something to Say, Part 2

I began this blog exactly one year ago today.  And so it is only fitting to explain why, as I turned “29” again this past week, I am going to continue posting.  It is fitting to explain what I have learned this past year as I have posted almost every week.

I recently had a blessed experience to walk for one hour with a woman who is deeply in the hole of depression and anxiety.  As we sat on a log overlooking a stream and I shared some of my experiences with her and she with me, I once again learned that God didn’t take away my 12-year journey through depression at year one or seven or eleven for a very specific reason.  He knew that a longer journey for me would mean I would be able to not just succor those who are in the depths of depression and anxiety, but he would be able to use me to help these people learn skills and be guided to resources where they can find lasting healing, not bandaid cures.

And so I turned 29 again this week because it’s a reminder to me that I have a message to share, hope to impart, and tools and skills to build and bless.  It’s a reminder to me that there is a God above who knows you and me–and He needs each of us to bless one another.

We need one another.  This mortal period of life is so quickly over–even though it does not feel like it when fighting depression and anxiety.  My invitation is to reach out.  Search out the resources I provide on this blog.  Find something comparable in your corner of this great universe.  Make an appointment to talk to me.  I will continue to post, perhaps for years to come, because I have a message and depression and anxiety are real–very real.

There is hope.  The battle is worth it.  You CAN prevail.  It matters that you do!

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