Hurting…and Silence MIND KEY

Everyone is hurting.  Maybe I should say just about everyone.  Most of us carry around at least one secret sorrow, at least one hurt that we have at least subconsciously nursed for possibly decades.  These hurts show up in at least one limiting belief we have about ourselves–and this belief continues to create negative outcomes in our lives.

My husband and I just attended a three-day mentoring conference called Limitless with Kris Krohn and Gerald Rogers.  150 people participated in a trust fall.  I saw grown, 60-year-old men cry as they released a limiting belief that had been haunting them for decades.  I saw young, 20-year-old women and men cry as they, too, released a limiting belief.  I saw massive belief breakthrough.  I saw 150 people of purpose, people of honor, people who want to change, people who have fears and anxieties, people who know they have something to give to the world but also know they are stuck for some reason.

My husband and I were trained a year ago in Belief Breakthrough mentoring.  We were also mentored the year before to be shown our blind spots through this process.  We witnessed incredible change and growth within ourselves, our relationship, and our parenting–not to mention with how we interact with others.

You are not alone in your hurting.  I have witnessed over and over in large and small crowds this stark reality: people are hiding their pain behind a shield of, “I’m okay.”  For some reason, too many of us believe we not only can but should muddle through the pain and hurt alone.

Whether you struggle with depression or anxiety or not, I invite you to consider that there is someone who can help you see what you cannot see youself.  I invite you to take on the belief that hurt lasts as long as you continue silent.

It matters!



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