How I Can Assist YOU…MIND KEYS

  • The roots to depression and anxiety are very real and they often go extremely deep.  I can help you find the roots and then eradicate them through mind and brain health.  Let’s move forward together!  It matters!
  • FREE 30-minute mentoring consult
    Are you ready to move forward and drop the chains that depression and anxiety cause? Allow me to help you find the next step in your journey to freedom from the monster!
  • You Are NOT Your Brain! ($65.00)
    Ever wondered why your brain goes to the worst possible scenario in any given situation? Let me help you FIND out who you really are and exactly what it means in the picture of overcoming depression.
  • Declare It! ($65.00)
    Where are you headed? Which direction are you taking? Why are words so powerful? Let me help you discover a direction that may not need to involve depression or anxiety.
  • Water Bottles, Rocks, and Rivers ($65.00)
    Does holding on really matter? Is there a connection between it and depression? Let me help you CONNECT the dots between holding on and mental health.
  • Helping those with Depression ($65.00)
    Are you “fit to be tied” because someone you care about has depression and you don’t know how to help? Join me to learn how you can be an asset and invite your loved one to find healing.
  • Forward Momentum ($65.00)
    Additional mentoring tailored specifically to your particular needs. What do you WANT? WHY is it attainable? HOW can you get it?

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