Feelings Buried Alive–BRAIN/MIND KEY

Early in 2011 a good friend of mine suggested a book to me.  She told me a little bit about it but I was skeptical.  I really had never heard anything about the principles of this book.  It was foreign to me.  So I just tucked the information away.

I have written about the summer of that year and how the final pieces of the puzzle to the depression began to come together for me.  One of those pieces turned out to be this book.  It showed up again for me when another friend came to my house with it under her arm and said, “You may really be interested in this.”  At that point I figured it was a sign!

The book is called, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman.  She begins the book with some of these questions:

“Have you ever felt as if there was a time bomb inside you ready to explode at any second…

“Have you ever had the feeling of being two or more separate individuals or of being someone totally different than yourself–wondering who the REAL you was…

“Perhaps for some unexplainable reason you have been touchy or agitated for longer periods of time than you would like…

“Perhaps you have experienced sleeplessness night after night for no apparent reason…

“Have you ever felt that no one understood you?”

Karol goes on to say, “If you recognize yourself in the above examples or have experienced similar frustrations, I would suggest to you the possibility that you could be suffering from unresolved, repressed and suppressed negative feelings you thought you had taken care of–feelings you thought were dead and gone.  What you may not realize is that when negative feelings are not resolved as they occur, these feelings remain very much alive in your physical energy field (body) and these feelings affect each day of your life.” (2010)

This one statement is why I have posted so many keys to unlocking depression and why following through with the invitations I give is so critical!

I invite you to get the book and read it–or to at least invest in opening your horizons by perusing its chapters.  It matters!

Thoughts matter and thoughts ARE matter!

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