For several days now I have been working on the following model.  It was a download to me directly from heaven!  I have had lots and lots of internal voices tell me to just leave it be, to not waste my time, that it doesn’t really matter, that no one is going to care, that I’m not a physician or psychiatrist and so I don’t have the authority…

Thankfully my husband and children tell me to keep going because maybe there is someone out there who is benefiting…and it might change their lives to know that they do not have to endure their mental illness for the rest of their life.  

And so I offer it to you, the general public…and to you who truly want answers.  I guess in a lot of ways I went first–at least in my family–and even though there are days when I just want to quit this blog, deep down inside I know that I have to continue sharing what I have been freed to do.  And somehow, I still know that it matters!

 I mentor people who are ready to heal the MIND.  I provide resources for those who are ready to heal the BRAIN.  Are you ready? BRAIN and MIND health are BOTH needed to overcome depression and anxiety.

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