Depression is an Opportunity

Depression and anxiety are opportunities.  Opportunities to figure out what is going on in the body.  Opportunities to find out what gut and mind imbalances are creating the monster.

As I have said before, I am more than grateful that the idea was planted in me to get to the root of why I had depression.  I’m not even sure where the idea came from–except that all good ideas come from God.  It began as a small idea, a wondering, a musing…and it built.  It eventually became something that I voiced and then something that I acted upon.

And that action has made all of the difference.  It has not only allowed me to be free of depression and anxiety, but it gave me opportunities to learn about gut and mind health, to learn about the gift of coaching that I had no idea I had, and to be free from feeling out of control and so unhappy deep down inside of me.

What opportunities await you?

It matters!

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