Mind Battles…KEY Breakthrough

Here is an excerpt from a talk I gave several months ago:

“15 years ago I began to exhibit signs of clinical depression.  I remember wondering what was wrong with me.  I had a great marriage, great children, believed in God, and had everything that I wanted.  Yet I felt sad to say the least.  I felt guilty because I had so many blessings and yet I truly did not feel happy.  I thought that maybe if I just talked to God about it a little more it would go away.  It did not.  About 6 months into these feelings, I told my doctor.  He prescribed an anti-depressant and within hours I felt hope return.  It was as if my regular self emerged once again.  I went about life engaged in raising our young family of five children, supporting my husband, and taking care to nurture myself with good friends and a manicure or massage every so often!  The medication made it so I felt very ‘level’–no highs and no lows.  This lasted for awhile.  And then I began to realize that one of the side effect of of the medication for me was to loose feeling.  I rarely cried or showed much emotion.  Sometimes it even felt like I didn’t have a relationship with my Higher Power.  The struggle became more intense. During this time I daily uttered the words, ‘Please help me have stamina to make it through today.’  And somehow I did.  I did really quite well considering what was happening inside my head and body.  I carried on.  In fact, most people had no idea I was going through what I was going through.  The belief that I should keep everything to myself is something that fueled the depression…”

As I begin to unlock depression, my first invitation to you is to :
               write down a battle that is raging in your mind…what does it feel like, look like, act like?  Now it is no longer just battling inside of you.  It has a voice, it has texture…and it is finally not just in your head!

It can be anything.  Just write.  It matters!

“About six years ago my heart began to change.  I had been asking for help to cope with the depression.  As I look back now, I realize I was just enduring.  That was it.  I believed depression was my lot in life and that I would just have to deal with it the best that I could.  I had an experience at our children’s school that caused me to ask a lot of questions about the motives of others–as well as my own motives.  I really began to cry mightily to my Maker.  A friend who had worked at the school suggested a book to me.  This began my personal deliverance from depression.  At the time, I had no idea this book and unlocking depression would have anything to do with each another…”

Stay tuned for the name of the book that opened a new world to me…

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