More Energy From Gratitude? Unlocking Depression Key

Yesterday I listened to a woman who spoke about increasing our capacity for energy.  She cited a study where they were trying to determine which of three things would help people regain some energy during the late afternoon slump.  The study wondered if drinking coffee, taking a walk, or expressing gratitude to someone would build energy.  The results were startling:  expressing gratitude to someone gave the longest effect.

I invite you to express gratitude every day for one week.  Tell someone something you appreciate about them.  Write a note.  Send a text.  Make a phone call.

What will it do for you?  It matters!

(Unfortunately I do not have the citation for the study I reference!)

Doubt – Unlocking Depression Key

You are likely well acquainted with doubt and difficulty.
Please talk to someone today
write out what you would tell them and crumple the paper and throw it away:)
Expressing is step one…

Burdens vs Loads Unlocking Depressing key

I heard a really great quote today:

The idea is that a load is the day-to-day challenges that occur quite naturally, ie., housework, schoolwork, parenting, connecting with people, what to eat for dinner, laundry, a date, being date-less, work, a flat tire…

A burden is the heaviness we carry around because of the consequences of someone else’s choices, a traumatic event that happened ten years ago, a not-so-good choice we made five years ago, a childhood experience that we interpreted as devastating…

Burdens make it extremely difficult to move in and out of daily life with hope and direction.  They literally create a “ball and chain” effect.

The good news is that we can hand our burdens to someone else by asking Him what to do with them.  Your Higher Power is waiting to carry your burdens so you can meet your load every day.

Depression and anxiety are tremendous burdens.  I have yet to meet a person whose depression and anxiety was not a result of childhood experiences, a traumatic event, or a barrage of lies fed by the dark side. Another piece of good news is that this burden can be released.  Hand it to your Higher Power.  Then ask Him what to do next.  You’ll hear something.  Maybe it will be to read a different post on this blog and follow the invitation.  Maybe it will be to find a counselor who will actually provide tools to help you pull out of the hole you are in.  Maybe it will be to write out all of your fears about actually healing from depression.  Maybe it will be to contact me.

Whatever it is, following through with the thought you have will mean you are ready to allow someone greater than yourself to carry your burden and make it possible for you to meet each days’ load…one day at a time.

It matters!