A Rift In Marriage and Choice

A few days before Thanksgiving my husband and I had a rift between us.  We were having a conversation and I got upset because of something he said that I knew was true–but it would mean that I would need to work some more on getting rid of a trigger point in our relationship.

My general mode in handling such conflict is to stonewall–go quiet and hold in my frustration or resentment or anger.  But this time I knew I could choose something different.  The challenge was wanting to!

I knew that the feelings I was having were hurting me and hurting my marriage.  I knew that I didn’t want these feelings.  And so I plowed through the embarrassment and stubbornness and took a walk into the hills.

I have a place I like to go when I’m feeling down and out.  There is a little stream there.  I sat down and started to talk.  I actually talked into my phone.  Usually I write out what I am feeling but that day it seemed better to talk it out.  As I was expressing myself, I glanced down into the stream (which didn’t have much water in it!) and saw the following sign:

This is evidence again to me that God has a sense of humor!  
It was just enough to almost make me chuckle:)…and then I watched myself not allow this possible setback to be a setback.  Instead, it became a way to RISE.  It has caused me to ponder on one of my beliefs–on one of my ways of being with my husband.  The pondering has led to working on eradicating it, using the weed and feed tool I talk about.  Unlocking depression requires RISING.
What will you do TODAY to RISE?
It matters!

Who Do You Want To Be?

Who do you want to be?  It may seem like a silly question.  It may seem like there is no hope of ever becoming who you want to be.

I invite you to draw a picture of yourself on a piece of paper and write words all around the picture that describe who you want to be.  Post it on your bathroom mirror.  Look at it every day.  Say the words.  Vision matters…

It matters!