Video on 5 Steps to Rejuvenate your Gut

 Dr. Lundell is a doctor I have seen before who believes in taking care of the entire picture of a person’s well being.  He gives very practical advice.  If you can only do one of the things he suggests, do it!

It matters!

Acute Stress and Constant Stress and video clip

I think one of the most used words today is “STRESS.”  I have learned a lot about it in recent years.  And I have noticed a tremendous difference in me and how I am able to handle challenges. I have come to recognize that I can do something to help my body deal better with stress and pressure.  It took awhile to realize that actively doing something to de-stress every day was actually making a difference.  Now I know it.

There are two main types of stress in my opinion:  acute stress and constant stress.  Acute stress comes when we are faced with a singular event that creates the need for fight or flight…the response would be similar to a lion chasing after us.

The second type is constant stress.  This type is something many of us are regularly tuned into, whether or not we believe it.  It’s the “need” to always check our phone, our email, to be on top of every coming and going that circles around our worlds.

Both types of stress trigger a response in our bodies–depletion of the immune system.  This is why a student who puts so much time and effort into final projects will often get sick when the test is over or the project is complete.  This is why people who are trying to find healing from depression and anxiety will often get sick as they work to uncover root issues and take care of their bodies in new ways.  The immune system has slowly been depleting for so long that bringing any amount of health to the body that has been “starved” can actually “shock” the system.

So what can be done?  It’s not hard.  Choose something to de-stress every day.  It can be simple.  But choosing one thing will make a difference in the long run.  Some ideas are:

take a walk, put your feet in the dirt or grass; take a bath; write a letter; take 3 deep breaths; read for 5 minutes; sit for 5 minutes and just think; get a massage; paint your toenails; so something you absolutely love; go to lunch with someone; buy yourself some flowers; call someone; listen to uplifting music; watch a funny movie clip…

It matters!  (before we turn into doing what George Banks did!!!)

Anxiety and Relationship Betrayal

The human body does an amazing job of recording experiences and attaching emotions to them.  Some seemingly innocent and “not a big deal” experiences can actually log tremendously debilitating emotions in the body that show up at the most inconvenient times!.  So it’s no wonder that an experience like relationship betrayal can trigger anxiety or depression.

Just two weeks ago today I experienced a betrayal in a relationship with a family member that immediately put me into fight or flight mode.  I began to shake, it was difficult to breathe, the tears poured, and my left hand wouldn’t move.  Thankfully I have dozens of tools and knew exactly what to do to dissect what was true and what was not; I immediately knew which tools to use to calm the fight or flight response happening in my body; within two hours I had employed 5 different tools to bring me to peace–something that cannot be duplicated by the adversary of mankind.  They are the very tools I share as a life coach.  To be able to move to a place of peace so quickly and then to actually feel compassion for the offender was evidence to me of the ability humans have to not become victims.

This article gives a great first step in validating that physical responses to betrayal are real.  I invite you to take the next step and find someone who can help you learn the tools to not cope but actually remove the anxiety that surrounds events in your life that are holding you hostage..

It matters!