Purpose – What is yours? MIND Key

John Maxwell says, “When you know your why, you know the history and purpose of each experience in your life.”  (Intentional Living, p. 84)

I know why I faced the challenge of depression for 12 years.  It was to learn empathy for others with the same challenge.  And it was to provide hope for healing by providing mentoring and resources to people with the same struggle I had.

I have had two journeys:  the ten years of enduring and the last six years of overcoming.  It has placed me in a position to offer hope for others.

Purpose.  What is yours?  If there were no barriers, what would you share with the world?  How is your current situation preparing you for your purpose, your why?  There is something for you to do.  And lives are counting on you to do it.

It matters!

What role do allergies play? NAET Brain Key

As you have read on this blog, discovering the connection between gut health and brain health was a key player in overcoming the depression I fought.  About a year into the journey of finding real answers that meant no more bandaids, I disovered NAET.  Actually, a friend introduced me months before but I was skeptical.  I researched it and just let it be a seed that I planted.

After discovering more about gut health and eliminating gluten and dairy for two months and noticing a difference, I decided I wanted to give NAET a chance. (The odd thing was that I don’t eat a lot of processed foods; I cook from scratch; I eat whole foods more often than not.  So why would I have food sensitivities???)   I found someone who practices locally.  She is a nurse and sees the traditional side of medicine as well; she understands its place.  She was led to NAET because of some health issues her young daughter had and she really wanted to get to the bottom of them.  Since then, she practices NAET full-time because her schedule is booked with people who want help!

I went through three months of treatments which are completely non-invasive.  And then I decided to see what my blood work would show.  I was surprised–because I was still somewhat skeptical.  But blood work does not lie!  All of the markers that had previously shown sensitivity to certain foods were in the normal range.  I was a believer then!

Since that day 3 years ago, I have learned more about the gut-brain connection.  Having Dr. Vaughn Johnson give a presentation on this very subject last weekend was further validation.

I invite you to invest in yourself by exploring NAET and allergies and sensitivities.  It’s a KEY!

And it matters!