A Great Doctor Makes a HUGE Difference!

I had the great opportunity last week to again begin using the doctor who helped me on the journey to healing my brain.  What a fabulous experience to be able to thank him for opening up the possibility of me healing!  It was great to tell him all that I have learned on both sides of the healing equation–brain and mind–and to be validated that what I have learned is right in line with what he has learned and practices.

Dr. Vaughn Johnson is the kind of doctor who will help you figure out the root causes to your body chemistry challenges.  I have not found another doctor like him in the past four years.  He truly cares about his patients.  It was evident when he delivered our last three children years and years ago.  It was evident when he sincerely desired to help me figure out the puzzle pieces to my mental health.  It was evident last week when I walked into his office and it was like I had only been gone a month!  I’m sure glad his office has changed their billing and takes our insurance now!  (Note:  his waiting list is 4 months–he is this good!)

You may live too far away to take advantage of this great doctor (although he does do some phone consulting). If that is the case, study out his website and find someone like him who believes in healing the whole person, not putting a bandaid on problems.  Overcoming depression and anxiety IS possible.  It takes healing the BRAIN and the MIND.

Stay tuned for a seminar with Dr. Johnson in my home next year.  He has agreed to teach about gut health, hormone health, and how to find root issues that cause illness.  We are so excited for this opportunity!

It matters!

Another story of healing…

I have read Misti’s book and really resonated with so many things she experienced.  Here is a link to her speaking…

Misti Stevenson

Depression and anxiety and other disorders are a symptom of something else…it’s our body’s alarm system crying out, “Something isn’t right!” —Misti Stevenson

Reality Check…MIND Key

The reality is that you are either fighting or enduring depression and/or anxiety.  It’s real.

I remember being in this reality.  And I remember believing it was just how things were going to be.  As I’ve mentioned before, I believed my “job” was to endure it as best as I could.

The limit to this belief was that, had I continued with it, I would today most likely be so far into the hole of despair and despondency that “rational” or “real” thinking would have fled.  I shudder to think what my reality might be today had I remained in the mindset that there was nothing I could do about the depression.  It hit me the other day that it is entirely possible that I would have had to be admitted to the psych ward.

You have a choice.  You can believe that your depression and/or anxiety is something that you must just endure–and become a victim in the process.  The victim excuses their rotten behavior and way of being because, “it’s a result of the depression…I can’t change it…it is what it is…”

OR, you can use your reality of depression and/or anxiety to empower yourself.  You can choose to look at your reality with a lens of, “I will find help to overcome this illness.  I choose to accept responsibility for my actions and to move out of mediocrity and live a life of greatness.”

The choice is yours.  Reality and empowerment.  These choices have made all the difference for me.  Will they for you?

It matters!