Why Just Thinking Positive Thoughts Is Not Enough

If I had a dollar for every time during my fight with depression that I thought, “Don’t tell me to just think positively!  It doesn’t work!,” I would have a lot of extra cash!!

The fact is, I was right and wrong with this belief.  I was correct in that just thinking positively is NOT enough to change depression or anxiety.  I was wrong to believe that positive thinking and speaking did not have (or would not have) a helpful effect on my life.  I really believed there was nothing I could do but trudge through the depression and anxiety.

Deep inside of every human being are two minds:  the subconscious and the conscious.  According to Dr. Bruce Lipton (and I have heard multiple people say similar things), the subconscious mind is responsible for about 95% of the biology that plays out in our lives every day.  Part of that biology is our beliefs.  The only way positive thinking and speaking can have a lasting impact is to get to the root of the belief that the subconscious mind plays out, day in and day out.  And then a reprogramming from the conscious mind can take over, creating a space for increased positive experiences.

Dr. Lipton gives a great explanation of how this works with this youtube video (click on the link).

My personal experiences with this concept over the past 4 years has given me a proven track record of change, of peace, of contentment, of freedom, of calm during the normal storms of life.  I would love to help you discover what your subconscious programming is and learn how to turn it into positive conscious reprogramming!  It matters!

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Wherein I Forgive Myself

Today I discovered something very interesting.  I learned that there has been some subconscious programming going on inside of me.  What is fascinating is that consciously I did not believe this programming–in fact, I have been extremely conscious of why I fought depression for a dozen years.  So to learn that there has still been a message that has been trying to sabotage me–for 15 years–was a revelation.

The message that has been running in my subconscious mind was, “The depression scarred my family.”

I know there were many times during the battle that I did feel that I was scarring my family…that what I was going through was affecting them in terrible ways.

And then another thought planted itself inside of me and I give all credit to God.  The thought was, “There is a very good reason for why you are suffering with depression.  When you get through this, you will be a strength to your family and a host of others who suffer.  You will know what it feels and acts like.  You are breaking a cycle that goes back generations in your family line.”

I decided to have faith in this thought even though there were many times when I just couldn’t believe it because it was so hard, so dark, so empty.

So, today when I learned about the subconscious programming in my mind, I had the opportunity to release that false programming by talking with God and forgiving myself.  I got to forgive myself for believing that I have scarred my family due to the depression!  I got to replace the false programming with the truth:  I have broken a cycle for generations.  My journey brings hope and healing to others.  My family has been richly blessed because of my journey and finding healing.

Your subconscious is feeding you a lot of false programming.  And it’s contributing to your fight with depression and/or anxiety.  So ask, “What is one false program running in my mind?”  And then challenge it, flip it around, and find the truth.  Replace the false with the truth.

It matters!

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It’s Not Mine — MIND KEY

Somewhere at about the halfway point in my journey with depression, I realized that I should probably stop referring to the depression as “mine.”  I’m not sure where this idea came from; it just sort of showed up.  I had this strong desire to detach myself from it.  It was probably around this point that I began to really, truly feel that the depression was not really who I was.  The effects from it did not really leave me acting true to who I really am.

And so I began to refer to the depression as just that–the depression.  I added one more word:  monster.

Depression and anxiety are monsters.  Sometimes they are bigger than at other times.  By the time I got to the point of, “I MUST get to the bottom of this!” the monster was really big for me.  It was dark, ugly, and I really truly felt like I was loosing control over being who I really wanted to be.

Words have a frequency.  They have an energy.  Positive words create a lightness in our bodies.  Negative words create a heaviness.  But don’t take my word for it.  Create your own experiment.  If you are taking ownership of depression or anxiety with words like, “my depression” or “my anxiety,” replace it with “the depression/anxiety.”  This illness does not define who you really are. Don’t let it be “yours.”  Try the experiment and see what difference you notice.

Words matter.  You matter.  It matters!

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