The Beginning of the Final Puzzle Piece–BRAIN/MIND KEYS

It is the winter of 2010.  My good friend recommended a book to me.  She was in the middle of her own journey of finding answers for one of her children who was having significant health challenges.  She told me about the book and, honestly, I was somewhat skeptical.  I tucked the information away.

About a month after the experience that I wrote about in this post, a friend showed up on my door and handed me a copy of the book that my other friend had told me about months earlier.  I couldn’t believe it!  I decided it must be a sign–I needed to read this book!

The book is called, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.”  I was incredulous at what Karol Truman teaches, to say the least!  This was really my first in-depth exposure to how our thoughts hold energy and that energy affects us at cellular levels.  It was the beginning to learning that I had more control over what was happening in my body than I thought I did.

Please do not misunderstand me.  I am NOT saying that a person with any ailment can just “think” their way out of it.  I am NOT saying that those with depression need to just “think a happy thought” and it will go away.  When it comes to mental illness/challenge, learning to eradicate false beliefs and replace them with truth is vital; reprogramming the neural pathways is essential.  This is the work of the mind.  The work of the brain takes on even more in-depth healing…

It is this work of healing the brain that began to unravel itself as I read this book.  Since then, I have not only read and understand more, I have utilized resources that have been opened up to me to actually free my brain to be healed.  I will speak more of this in upcoming posts.

For now, perhaps this concept is completely foreign to you.  Maybe not.  I invite you to read the following article.  Expand your understanding!  It matters!

The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health

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WHAT are YOU carrying around?–BRAIN/MIND KEY

Pretty amazing photo, right?  Can you imagine carrying all those packages while riding a bike?
This image also represents energetic imbalances that block us from healing and being truly well! Think of each package in the picture as an energetic imbalance.  One might represent a trapped emotion, another a psychic trauma, another a misalignment…you get the idea.  
In getting to the root causes of issues it takes time.  Each Body Code session allows one to get rid of more “packages” or imbalances.  With chronic issues, there will be lots of imbalances that have collected over the years that will take time to release.  Each session helps to remove a layer.  I encourage clients to remain positive and know that with time, things can improve and get better.  
I am humbled to be able to assist in your healing.  With the Body Code I have seen remarkable improvements in so many areas both in my personal life and the life of others.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your healing.    


Rachael Haines, R.D., CLT
Body Code Certified Practitioner
ACE certified group fitness instructor
BODYPUMP certified
Zumba Certified
Pilates and yoga certified 
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Does My Life Matter?–MIND KEY

None of us are going to leave this planet alive.  I know it’s obvious.  But sometimes we need a reminder that the person we are today may be the legacy we leave in a few hours.

My dad’s best friend passed away yesterday–very unexpectedly.  He was hiking a mountain with his grandkids, sat down, said his heart was racing, slumped over, fell, and died.  Just like that.  It was over.  There was no cause for concern before the trip.  He was in great physical shape. His doctor gave him a clean bill of health.  It was just his time to meet his Maker.

I have known this man since I was very young.  His daughter was my age.  We were friends.  I really liked being with Tiffany.  She was kind, caring, and very loving.  We went to high school together.  She was just such a tender person.  And I felt loved by her.  She died of cancer about 20 years ago–a young mother and wife.

Tiffany and her father have no doubt had an incredible reunion in heaven.  Their relationship was pure and respectful before she left.  Her father loved her very much.  Whenever he would see me when I would visit my parents after getting married, he would tell me that I reminded him of his Tiffany–and he would smile wide.

This experience is causing me a lot of introspection.  This man was a very good man.  You could feel it, you could see it.  He was adored by his wife and especially by his grandchildren.  My own father was tremendously blessed by this man and their friendship.  He was a tremendous strength to my father for years and years.

I understand very well how easy it is to let petty grievances get in the way of developing strong bonds with those we care about–or those we should care about.  I know that often people with mental illness use the illness as an excuse to belittle, find fault, be angry, etc…  And this just deepens the wounds that add to the illness because then guilt and shame enter the picture.

I invite you to reach out to one person in your life that needs an apology or a word of approval.  Go first.  How you are living your life right now matters.  A lot.  Cleaning up the relationships in your life will make a tremendous impact on your mental health.  I know because I’ve gone first.  Let’s create a legacy like my father’s friend–because we just do not know when it may be our last day.

It matters.  Your life matters.

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How I Can Assist YOU…MIND KEYS

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