Last Thursday began at 6:30 a.m.  By 6:50 a.m. my husband and I knew the day was not going to end the way we had been planning…

Saturday was our 24th wedding anniversary!  We had planned a fun 2-day retreat, complete with Razor and four-wheeler fun in the desert.  We had set up things with our children and all was in place.  And then chaos showed up on the front door…five hours before we were to leave for the weekend.

Our oldest daughter had a cyst on her knee removed last Wednesday.  She was having some trouble and her roommate called and said she had just passed out…which led to 911 being dispatched…which led to her soon-to-be-sister-in-law taking her to the emergency room.  I jumped in the car at 7:30 a.m. and met them at ER…we ended up at the surgery center and they took good care of us…hooked Allyse us to an IV to get fluids in her.  We were told the fainting was most likely due to a reaction of the vagus nerve.  Sights, smells, trauma, etc…, can trigger the vagus nerve to “over react.” The sympathetic nervous system probably also kicked into high gear.  This is the system that controls “fight or flight.”  Knowing how to calm this system down is crucial so that the body does not stay in a state of fight but can be in a state of calm which encourages growth.

As soon as I left for the surgery center, Steve said he sat down at the kitchen counter to figure out what was happening…and he came up with a list.  It wasn’t even 8:30 a.m. and this is what it said:

Our daughter and I were able to leave the surgery center by 11:30 a.m…and then make it back to our home.  It was obvious that we needed to cancel our anniversary plans.  My challenge was to not fall apart about it.  My challenge was to hold the line.  I was disappointed, to be sure.  And so Allyse went to take a nap and I went downstairs and had a nice cry while laying on the floor!  I let the disappointment flow through and out of me.

Steve held the line as well.  Between the two of us, we did not allow anything on that list to pull us down, to bring despondency, to bring anger or resentment.  And everything on that list got some type of resolution before the end of the day.  Four years ago a list like that would have put both of us in a tailspin!

So how did we do it?  We have learned how to live INTENTIONALLY.  It has made all of the difference.  And we both fully believe this intention helped us to be able to make the anniversary plans occur at the beginning of this week.

What do you do to live intentionally?  Book a free 30-minute mentoring appointment with me to find out how living intentionally makes all the difference!

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Resources to a Healthier YOU–MMF and Q96 BRAIN KEY

I have discussed gut health before and how it is connected to what is happening inside our heads. The first leg of my journey to overcoming depression were really good supplements that my doctor recommended.

I have become acquainted with two different supplements that I can highly recommend.  Look into them.  Try them out.

The first is called MMF–Military Micronutrient Formula.  Extensive research and human trials have demonstrated that it helps the body to protect itself against toxins, traumatic injuries, inflammation, illness, and oxidative stress.  I am currently using this supplement, replacing the daily supplement that I had been using for years.

Because of its vital micronutrients, it is a great all-around supplement for anyone (2 capsules in the a.m.; 2 capsules in the p.m.)   Click here to learn about micronutrients and here about the science of the product.

If you would like a 2-week sample, contact me at

The second is called Q96.  It was developed by a gentleman whose wife committed suicide 20 years ago…and then two of their ten children were exhibiting some of the same symptoms.  It is specifically formulated to help with brain health.

There are two different places to go for this product:

TrueHope (click for more info):  EmplowerPlus is $69,95/month and offers free support.  They have trained clinicians who help clients use the supplement with current medications.  The number for support is 1-888-878-3467.

Q96 Sciences:  This is the same product as EmpowerPlus.  TrueHope and Q96 come from the same company.  Q96 Science offers the ability to become an independent business developer.  The price is $50/month if you become a preferred member–which means you just sign up to have a monthly shipment.  The same support is offered as at TrueHope.  It is $34.95/month.  The number for support is 1-866-397-3116.  Click here for more information.

If you would like a 2-week sample, contact me at

I really like the resources that are available to learn about the product on the TrueHope website.  There is SO much scientific research backing up this product.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of proper nutrition in unlocking depression and any other mental illness.  Our foods at large do not have the nutrients our bodies need.  Our soils have been depleted, the chemical overload is astounding (how many chemicals do you use every day–body sprays, gels, hair products, deodorant, cleaning supplies, etc…), and the traditional American diet is loaded with man-made ingredients.  My experience has shown me that balancing the gut, hormones, and vitamin intake is essential to unlocking brain health.

It matters!

Questions–MIND KEY

There is no question about it:  we will get more of whatever we focus on.

Asking questions of ourselves can be powerful.  It can actually change our lives.  The two questions I asked in 2009 changed my life:

“Do I really need to be on an antidepressant for the rest of my life?  Is there a root cause to the depression?”

These two questions opened up an entirely new world for me.  It opened doors that had been closed because I was closed.  I was so willing to believe that there was no way I could overcome depression.  And this belief kept the door to freedom from depression closed.  Asking questions changed that.  I got something new because my focus changed.

So I ask you:  What do YOU want?

Speak it out loud.  Think it in your mind. Mull it over.

It matters!

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Hormone Imbalance…Part 2…the Thyroid BRAIN KEY

Optimal thyroid hormone functioning in the body extends beyond just the functioning of the thyroid gland itself.  It starts in the brain with the Hypothalamus gland.  The Hypothalamus senses when the metabolism needs to be “stoked” and will communicate with the pituitary gland.  The pituitary gland then sends a message to the thyroid (via Thyroid Stimulating Hormone or TSH) to ramp up the production of thyroid hormone.  Inside the thyroid gland, thyroid hormone production is kicked on.  The thyroid focuses on two types of thyroid hormone , T4 (the majority) with some T3.  T4 needs to be converted to T3 (active) to exert its metabolic effects on the body. 
How do you know if hypothyroidism is an issue for you?  Common symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, feeling cold even when others feel fine.  Fuzzy or foggy thinking and bowel movements that occur less than once per day. 
When assessing thyroid function, it is important to not only check TSH levels, but one should also assess T4 and T3 levels (the actual thyroid hormone in the blood).  Subclinical hypothyroidism often will show normal T4 and T3 but will have TSH levels that are high (>2.5 mIU/L)
Thyroid hormone dysfunction then can occur on many levels.  It might be a breakdown of communication between the hypothalamus and the pituitary, or the pituitary and the thyroid.  It can be linked to actual dysfunction of the thyroid where thyroid hormones are not being produced.  It can occur from issues where conversion of T4 to T3 is not happening well.  This conversion takes place in the liver and the cells of the body.  It can also be from poor gut flora.  Approximately 20% of the conversion of T4-T3 takes places in the gut.  With the absence of healthy microflora, this conversion is hampered.
Dr. Daniel Amen describes the way hormones of our body interact with each other, comparing it to a symphony with the brain as the conductor.  The different hormones, produced by different glands, all interact to produce a song.  When one hormone gets out of balance, it can affect the “song” played by another.  Cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, thyroid….they all affect each other. 
Again, one of the most powerful mechanisms to bring hormones back into balance, including thyroid hormone, is to learn to manage our stress better.  Do you take time daily to exercise your body?  It is important to find the balance between enough exercise and excess exercise.  Too much will stress the H-P-A access of the body and backtrack your progress.  Do you take time to meditate and relax the body?  Guided visualization, deep breathing, and yoga are other great practices to teach one how to relax the body, slowing down the heart rate and breathing. 
Good nutrition is also important.  Copper, zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamin A and Vitamin D are important nutrients for thyroid help.  Be careful of iodine.  If you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, iodine will actually aggravate the autoimmune response.   If you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis it is imperative that you avoid gluten, as this is a trigger for the autoimmune response.   Some people may need more help to overcome their diminished thyroid function.  This might include thyroid glandulars such as Armour, or prescriptions of T4 or T3 or T4/T3 combination.   Work closely with your physician to determine the right dose for you.
Rachel Haines is a certified Body Code practitioner and also a registered dietitian.  She works via phone consults and also video streaming with clients all over the US.  Using applied kinesiology, she determines energetic imbalances that are contributing to diminished physical or emotional health.  If you feel stuck and would like to delve deeper into an issue with your thyroid, or any other physical or emotional issue plaguing your life, contact her at to set up an appointment.    God bless you in your efforts! 

Feelings Buried Alive–BRAIN/MIND KEY

Early in 2011 a good friend of mine suggested a book to me.  She told me a little bit about it but I was skeptical.  I really had never heard anything about the principles of this book.  It was foreign to me.  So I just tucked the information away.

I have written about the summer of that year and how the final pieces of the puzzle to the depression began to come together for me.  One of those pieces turned out to be this book.  It showed up again for me when another friend came to my house with it under her arm and said, “You may really be interested in this.”  At that point I figured it was a sign!

The book is called, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman.  She begins the book with some of these questions:

“Have you ever felt as if there was a time bomb inside you ready to explode at any second…

“Have you ever had the feeling of being two or more separate individuals or of being someone totally different than yourself–wondering who the REAL you was…

“Perhaps for some unexplainable reason you have been touchy or agitated for longer periods of time than you would like…

“Perhaps you have experienced sleeplessness night after night for no apparent reason…

“Have you ever felt that no one understood you?”

Karol goes on to say, “If you recognize yourself in the above examples or have experienced similar frustrations, I would suggest to you the possibility that you could be suffering from unresolved, repressed and suppressed negative feelings you thought you had taken care of–feelings you thought were dead and gone.  What you may not realize is that when negative feelings are not resolved as they occur, these feelings remain very much alive in your physical energy field (body) and these feelings affect each day of your life.” (2010)

This one statement is why I have posted so many keys to unlocking depression and why following through with the invitations I give is so critical!

I invite you to get the book and read it–or to at least invest in opening your horizons by perusing its chapters.  It matters!

Thoughts matter and thoughts ARE matter!

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